Workshop: Starting Your Support Circle with Diana Williams

Workshop Overview:

Expert guest speaker Diana Williams provides practical steps on how to start your support circle.

Diana walks you through the benefits of a support circle, identifying and inviting circle members, hosting a circle meeting, how to engage your family member in the circle, and more!

You are going to make a ton of progress building the relationships around your loved one who will be there over the long term, giving your loved one support to make decisions and to provide loving care.

About Diana Williams:

Diana Williams has a passion for healthy, thriving, resilient communities and utilizes a holistic approach in engaging them. Her personal motto is to build and to serve, and she strives to do that through collaborating with individuals to facilitate change and reach their goals.

Diana has formal education in Social Service Work and a B.A. in Community Development. As a Community Development Practitioner, Diana believes in the depth and wealth found right within one’s own community, and that connecting people to resources and tools for planning, implementation and evaluation are key to creating sustainable change.

Diana previously worked for Durham Family Resources as the Supervisor for Family Support and has been involved with families to help them build support circles, including her own family.

Resources Mentioned:

Download Presentation Slides here

Mock Circle meeting example with Cameron & Allison – Eric facilitating

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