Create My New Normal Workshop Series

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A guide for your family member with a disability to shift from bored and lonely to engaged, supported, and connected!

 The 'Create My New Normal' Online Workshop is your guide to creating structure, routine, the right supports, and social connection. Together we will create a good life with your family member in this new world of physical distancing!

The 'Create My New Normal' Experience

You are supported by; (1) Live Learning Workshops over Zoom, (2) Connecting with a community of like-minded families, (3) Coaching Calls with a professional coach.

The 'Create My New Normal' Experience gives you more than just creating your new routine. By combining online learning, parent to parent learning, and coaching calls you will build the mindsets, beliefs, and skills needed to help your family member build skills, roles and relationships that will serve them now and for the rest of their life.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

A Clear Pathway Forward

You are guided step by step to create a new normal with your family member. In the live workshop sessions, you will actively be building and implementing your plan.

A Community Of Parents (& Siblings)

You'll feel the love from like-minded families in the live sessions. I'll be connecting you with other people that have 'been there' & 'get' you.

World Class Tools & Strategies

Learn the proven tools and strategies that are used by world-class leaders that are helping people with disabilities create incredible ordinary lives.

Customized To Your Family Member

Every person is unique. This experience guides you to create a plan that is person-centred, customized, and that is best for your loved one.

The 'Create My New Normal' Curriculum:

The learning experience is delivered to you through five (5) Live and interactive workshop sessions where we will do the work together to build a new normal with your family member that has a developmental disability. Each session will be 90-minutes.

Note: The Live Workshop Sessions will be recorded, so if you can’t make a live session – no sweat. I’ll be sending out the recording the next day.

Below is an overview of what's inside each of the five (5) workshop sessions, and two (2) coaching calls:

Workshop 1: Reset

Tuesday, May 5th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

The world has changed, and because of this we have lost what we once knew as our everyday routine, or normal. In this workshop, we will reset by looking at what we may have lost and what are the good things that we can still bring forward with us. We will also look at what are some of the things that were holding us back that we can let go of. We will also learn some tools that will give us strength as we move forward - both people with developmental disabilities and caregivers.

Workshop 2: Build Support

Tuesday, May 12th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

For most families our support structure has changed, both paid support and natural supports. In this workshop, we will look at how we can best access support in-person, virtually, and through our natural support networks. For this lesson, there is an option to invite a support person into the workshop session.

Coaching Call + Implementation Week

Tuesday, May 19th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

This week is all about integration! You will take what you've been learning and focus on implementation. If you are feeling stuck, or unsure of what your next step is join this week's group coaching call. In this call, Eric will coach you to build your action plan and to take your next step.

Workshop 3: Build Structure

Tuesday, May 26th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

Many of us have lost the structure of our day and we are walking around the house a little lost, or watching way too much Netflix. In this workshop, we will build a positive routine that is focused on the person's interests, promotes well-being and mental health, and that will help your family member move forward toward their bigger goals.

Workshop 4: Build Social Connection

Tuesday, June 2nd 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

Social connection has been one of the most difficult things for us to adapt to while physical distancing. In this workshop, you will learn the tools and strategies to maintain, and even build, social connection during this time. We will discuss both tech and low tech strategies for social connection.

Coaching Call + Implementation Week

Tuesday, June 9th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

This week is all about integration! You will take what you've been learning and focus on implementation. If you are feeling stuck, or unsure of what your next step is join this week's group coaching call. In this call, Eric will coach you to build your action plan and to take your next step.

Workshop 5: New Normal

Tuesday, June 16th 7:00 PM ET/ 4 PM PT

Awesome, by now you're well on your way to creating a new normal with your family member with a developmental disability. In this workshop, we will focus on setting everything into action, and setting goals for the coming months. We will also be discussing strategies to re-enter the community.

Your Coach - Eric Goll

Eric Goll here! I'm a family coach, an independent facilitator, and a brother to Sarah, who has a developmental disability. My ‘soul’ purpose is to empower people with developmental disabilities (DDs) and their families to live happy and meaningful lives, that are sustainable into the future beyond just mom and dad.

I'm on a mission to help people with DDs become valued contributing members of society, and I work tirelessly every day to go beyond simply solving this challenge.

My work is strategically designed to help those with DDs, and their families, build valued relationships, contribute positively in the community, and getting a home of their own!

I've been deeply impacted by my sister, Sarah, who has a developmental disability. Sarah has inspired me to help other families, and she is one of my most influential mentors.

This passion for helping people with disabilities to create a good life, more independence, and a secure future is why I've built the Empowering Ability 'Create My New Normal' Experience for you.

Save time, headaches, and the feeling of doing this alone...

It is a time where there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, and it can be hard to make sense of it. Life has been disrupted, which has caused a lot of challenge for families.

As families, we felt alone before Covid19 and it is now amplified. 

We've been building patch work solutions to get by, but now long will they last?

My intention isn't to be a downer here, this is the situation many families find themselves in. However, we can also use this time as an opportunity. An opportunity to pause and reflect on what is most important to our family member, and how can we work toward that moving forward in a way that is going to build strength. 

To build strength in social connection, in capability, in developing roles, and in going deeper into interests and passions.

This is why I've created the 'Create My New Normal' Experience. To help you move forward with strength and to feel connected with like-minded families who will propel you forward!

Try Risk Free: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in the "Create My New Normal" Experience comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will be pleased with your investment, or I will make it right.

As a family member, I take helping families seriously - it has become my life’s work.

If at any time during the first 30-days you feel the Create My New Normal Experience hasn’t fulfilled it’s promise let me know - and I’ll give you a complete refund.

If you aren’t satisfied I wouldn’t feel right in keeping your money - so I make it easy to get a refund. Just email me and let me know you want a refund. Just to make it clear, there are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove. You won't have to wait either; I will refund you within 48-hours.

Registration closes April 30th at Midnight PT, because we will all be working together as a group of families starting May 5th, 2020!

Don't delay, click register now above :)


Frequently Asked Questions

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Does 'Create My New Normal' work for all developmental disabilities?

What are the benefits I will get when registering? 

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Will the 'Creating Your New Normal' Course apply to where I live geographically?

I live outside of Ontario, Canada. Can I reimburse 'Create My New Normal' with social assistance funds? 

The Fine Print

First, this offer is only available for a limited time. You will have to sign up for the 'Create My New Normal' Experience before April 30th 2020 at midnight PT to take advantage of this incredible deal (65% off)!

Second, you have to be willing to roll-up your sleeves and do the work to a new normal with your family member and your family. I will empower and inspire you with the knowledge and mindsets, motivation, and insights you need to move forward and create a sustainable solution - but this has to be a family-led initiative to get the best results for your family.

Third, it might push your comfort zone. I’m going to share with you mindsets, ideas, and insights that might be different than you have been 'told' to believe. I do this with love and respect to help you unlock the possibilities for your loved one and your family. You will be encouraged to consider new perspectives - to learn - and to create the best life possible for your loved one.

Fourth, yes, there is a cost to this experience, and I realize that for many families funding dollars are already tight. However, my goal is to deliver 10x the value that you are paying. If the cost is an absolute barrier to registration for your family please email me and we will find a solution! 

So here’s the question… are you willing to roll up your sleeves and go on this journey with me to create a new normal that helps your family member grow?

Yes! Click below to join the many other families that are shifting out of uncertainty and into a positive new normal!

My Soul Purpose

I am dedicated to helping families find their path forward and to creating equal opportunities for people with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.

I've put absolutely everything that I have into this offering to support your family.

I'm incredibly proud of how Empowering Ability Experiences have already helped many families. I hope that you will Register and join the many other families that have created more independence with their family member, and a secure future for their family.

Need Help Ordering or Have  Questions?

If you need help ordering, or if you have any questions please email me at: [email protected], or book a time for me to call you.