The Independence Coaching Program

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The 5-Step Independence system to help your loved one grow their life skills and confidence.

Create more freedom for both you, and your loved one with the Independence Coaching Program.

Hundreds of families have used this proven step-by-step Independence Coaching System to grow their loved one's independence, confidence, and self esteem! 

Note: In Ontario, Canada, the Independence Coaching Program is a reimbursable expense through Passport & SSAH Funding.

Help Your Loved One Have More Independence and Confidence.

This is the deal - If you want your loved one with a developmental disability to be more independent, so you know that your loved one will be okay for a time when you can't be there - then this program is for you. 

It’s also for you if you want to see your loved one’s capability and confidence in themselves grow! This means more freedom for both you and your loved one!

I just love helping families support their loved one to grow their independence. Since 2016 I've taught hundreds of families to help their loved one grow their independence, and the results are amazing! Your loved one will go from having everything done for them to doing more for themselves and contributing at home. And this transformation often happens very quickly, within weeks!

I want to help your loved one to grow their independence. Both for the immediate benefits of gaining confidence in themselves, and giving you more time to do the things that you want to do, but also the long-term benefit of being more self-reliant for a time when mom and dad can’t be there.

Here’s What You Get When You Register

Over the next 7-weeks, you will learn and implement the step-by-step system that will help your loved one grow their independence.  

Learn At Your Own Pace

You are guided step-by-step to grow your loved one's independence with a series of 10-minute educational and entertaining video lessons and PDF workbooks. 

Join A Community Of Families

You'll be learning with and engaging with other families who have a loved one with a developmental disability. You'll be connected with these families to share your learning!

Your Customized Independence Plan

You'll build a path to independence tailored for your loved one. You'll be guided to create an independence vision, goals and customized action plan. 

Get Your Questions Answered

All of your questions will be answered in the live coaching sessions, in side the course, and on the private community Facebook group!

The 'Independence Coaching Program' Curriculum

This training is going to teach you how to help your loved one grow their independence easier and faster by teaching you how to be a coach. The Independence Coaching Program is delivered to you in self-guided video lessons that you can watch in as little as 10 minutes at a time. I know you’ve got a busy schedule, and a lot going on. So the learning is designed so that you can consume it in bite sized lessons one at a time, or you can go on a marathon and watch 6 lessons in a row! The learning is also organized into 5 modules (or units) to teach you the Independence Coaching System.

Here is an overview of what each of the 5 learning modules:

Module 1: Independence Starts With You

The first module is called “Independence Starts with you” and that’s because well - your loved one’s independence starts with you! You are the biggest influencer on your loved one’s independence so in this module you will learn the key factors impacting your loved one’s independence, and you’ll start removing some of the barriers to clear the path to move forward!

Available immediately upon registration.

Module 2: The Coach Approach

Then the second module, you're going to learn how to be a coach! This module will teach you the coach approach, which will help you shift from telling your loved one what to do to helping your loved one take more responsibility, make more decisions, and become more internally motivated.

Released in Week 2

Module 3: Engaging Your Loved One

Then in the third module, it's how to engage your loved one in increasing their independence. We will find the best way to engage your loved one in a way that reduces resistance and overwhelm and that increases their intrinsic motivation to learn. You'll also learn some essential strategies for engaging other family members and getting them on board with the process.

Released in Week 4 

Module 4: Supporting Independence

The fourth module is about 'Supporting Independence' to make sure your loved one has just the right support to grow their independence. You'll begin by learning how to simplify tasks and effectively teach them to your loved one. You will then learn how to build positive habits and routines with your loved one.

Released in week 5

Module 5: Your Independence Growth Plan

The fifth module is all about creating your Independence growth plan. This module will give you a complete practice walk-through of being a coach with the Independence Coaching System. It will also guide you through building your independence vision, goals, and a step-by-step action plan!

Released in week 7

**Your Investment: $297 CAD [converts to ~$247 USD]. 

**Also reimbursable through Passport & SSAH funding in Ontario, Canada.

Registration closes soon!

Your Three (3) Awesome Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Three (3) Live Coaching Calls ($147 value)

You'll get all of your questions answered live. We have a small group of families in these group coaching calls, so you'll be able to get all of your questions answered! Every month there is a live coaching call, and you’ll be invited to attend 3!

Bonus #2: Three (3) Months Access to the Private Facebook Community ($97 value)

Connect with the other families in the Independence Coaching Program to share experiences, wins, and to ask your questions! It is really an awesome and supportive community. You’ll get access to this private facebook group for 3 months!

Bonus #3: Mini-Course on Decision-Making ($97 value)

This mini-course is awesome because it is designed to help your loved one grow their decision making! You’ll also learn about guardianship and its impact on your loved ones rights… and supportive decision making as an alternative to guardianship.

Your Coach - Eric Goll

Eric Goll here! I'm a family coach, an independent facilitator, and a brother to Sarah, who has a developmental disability. My ‘soul’ purpose is to empower people with developmental disabilities (DDs) and their families to live happy and meaningful lives, that are sustainable into the future beyond just mom and dad.

I'm on a mission to help people with DDs become valued contributing members of society, and I work tirelessly every day to go beyond simply solving this challenge.

My work is strategically designed to help those with developmental disabilities, and their families, build independence, valued relationships, contribute positively in the community, and getting a home of their own!

I've been deeply impacted by my sister, Sarah, who has a developmental disability. Sarah has inspired me to help other families, and she is one of my most influential mentors.

This passion for helping people with disabilities to create a good life, more independence, and a secure future is why I've built the Independence Coaching Program for you.

Try Risk Free: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in the Independence Coaching Program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will be pleased with your investment, or I will make it right.

As a family member, I take helping families seriously - it has become my life’s work.

If at any time during the first 14-days you feel the Independence Coaching Program hasn’t fulfilled it’s promise let me know - and I’ll give you a complete refund.

If you aren’t satisfied I wouldn’t feel right in keeping your money - so I make it easy to get a refund. Just email me and let me know you want a refund. Just to make it clear, there are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove. You won't have to wait either; I will refund you within 48-hours.

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What Families Are Saying...

We're making gains...

My son has made gains, learned new skills and gained so much confidence. This makes me smile!

Allison  //  Mother

My son is definitely capable...

My mindset has absolutely shifted no doubt from my son is not capable to definitely capable if given the chance or opportunity to do so. The Independence Coaching Program allowed me to think of my expectations, fears, and mindset which ultimately, whether I want to admit it or not, was the initial issue in helping my son move forward. My son is now motivated somewhat to do things on his own because we have tied it into having his own place and his own life of freedom.

Yolanda  //  Mother

We're unstuck...

Without it we would be still standing still. 

Donald  //  Father

Independence now feels possible...

It won’t happen overnight or fast but it’s beginning to feel possible that my son can be independent with the right amount of support. He likes that I’m not bossing him on the two tasks we’ve started to work on. And I think he’s beginning to see that he needs to learn skills now so that he’s ready to live on his own.

Judy  //  Mother

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Independence Coaching Program work if I live in the United States or Canada?

Is Independence Coaching Program a reimbursable expense with Passport / SSAH funds? (Ontario, Canada)

Is this program going to apply to my family member's level of needs/ disability?

I live outside of Ontario, Canada, can I reimburse the Independence Coaching Program with social assistance funds? 

How do I engage my loved one with a disability in the Independence Coaching Program?

Is it too early or too late to help my loved one grow their independence skills?

The Fine Print Gotcha's

Of course, there is a catch. Registration for the Independence Coaching Program is only open for a limited time. So, if you're interested in joining us, then now is the time to act. This is a limited offer.

The second catch is that you've got to be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work. I am going to guide you step-by-step to grow your loved one's independence, but you'll have to be willing to watch the lessons, complete the workbooks, and practice the things your learning with your loved one. No one can do it for you! Your loved one's independence starts with you. 

As far as the tuition for this deep-dive on independence, normally families pay more than $500 to learn from me. But the way I’ve been able to put this thing together we’re going to have a small interactive training and because of the way we’re putting this together I’m able to keep the price down and give you a crazy awesome deal price of  $297, so it’s not going to cost you $500 or more to learn from me. 

Of course, like everything I offer, it's 100% guaranteed. I have this 100% ironclad guarantee. I've had that from the start, and I've definitely given out some refunds over that time. If it's not a fit for you for any reason, if you're unhappy for any reason, for 14 days, just send me an email, I'll take care of you right away. That's just the way I always do things.

Go ahead, click the button down below, and join me in the Independence Coaching Program.


Registration closes soon!

**Your Investment: $297 (converts to $247 USD). Also reimbursable through Passport  & SSAH funding in Ontario, Canada.

Don't delay, click register now above :)

My Soul Purpose

I am dedicated to helping families find their path forward and to creating equal opportunities for people with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.

I've put absolutely everything that I have into this offering to support your family.

I've supported hundreds of families to increase their independence so far. I hope that you will Register and join the many other families that have created more independence with their family member, and a secure future for their family.

Need Help Ordering or Have  Questions?

If you need help ordering, or if you have any questions please email me at: [email protected]