Family Connection Call: Ask Families Anything – November 16th 2023

In this live session, families pre-submitted their questions for other families, and families answered the questions live.

Family questions answered:

  • Do you have similar experiences where your loved ones have to have their food a particular way?
  • What would be the best response to help my son, to communicate his wants and needs more appropriately?
  • What are your experiences with family members who don’t understand why you are making efforts for your loved one’s independence, and how have you managed to get them on board or at least willing to listen?
  • Have you tried to teach your loved one to cut their nails?
  • What do y’all do during holidays, especially considering the comfort and preferences of your loved ones with developmental disabilities?
  • Do you have any funny stories or experiences related to how young your kids with developmental disabilities look?

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