Family Connection Call: Ask Families Anything – May 16, 2023

In this live session, families pre-submitted their questions for other families, and families answered the questions live.

Here are the questions answered:

Family Questions:

Q: I’d love to get help from other families about self-care, we are part way there, but our loved one still needs lots of prompting on what to do.  I’d be keen to hear from other families about this.

Q: How to encourage and teach our loved one to help with household chores?

Q: How to help our loved one deal with sensory sensitivity in a public setting? For example, my son does not like to hear anyone cough or sneeze.

Q: What difficulty do others have with limited/differing beliefs (about abilities) with spouses, partners, support staff and those in support circle? Sometimes I feel like a lone warrior!

Q: How did you get other family members more involved?

Q: My son is now 31 years old, and I have been struggling to get a capacity assessment done for him regarding Guardianship. Since he is not still not able to complete tasks on his own is there something else that may be easier to leave in place for a family member to take control of when I am no longer here for him? Is Guardianship the only option I have due to him not being able to support himself and can anyone let me know some of their thoughts on this?

Q: How did you find a job coach?

Q: How do you help your loved one with the concept of money and value?

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