Families Share How They Created Home + New Members Opening Ceremony

Workshop Overview:

Part 1: Families Share How They Created Home (First 60 Minutes of workshop)

Four (4) EA Club members shared how they are creating home with their loved one.

In this workshop, our community answered big questions, including:

  • How do you get your loved one interested in their own home?
  • How do you answer the home affordability question?
  • And, how do you make it work with a roommate?

Part 2: New Members Opening Ceremony (Last 40 minutes of workshop)

In 2nd part of this session, we welcomed new members to the EA Club with an Opening Ceremony.

So if you are a new EA Club member, you’ll want to watch the Opening Ceremony if you haven’t yet.

It will get you set up for success in EA Club.

Get the Opening Ceremony Workbook Here

EA Club Tools:

Milestone Tool

1-Year Goals Tool

3-Month Plan Tool (#Small Steps)

If you want to go deeper on setting 1-year goals and your 3-month action plan, watch the sessions: below:

Workshop: Set your 1-year goals

Workshop: Set your 3-month action plan

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