Want to create more independence for your loved one with a disability, and a secure future for your family?

Learn how to create more independence for your loved one, and peace of mind for your family … even if you are feeling frustrated and you aren't sure where to start!

As families we get stuck waiting for services leaving us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious.

As a family member, I've been there before; feeling frustrated waiting for supports, overwhelmed by the day-to-day challenges, and anxious thinking about the future of my family.

If your family is like mine, you are wondering what the future holds for your loved one with a disability. You might be asking yourself some of these questions;

  • Who is going to care for my loved one?
  • Where is my loved one going to live?
  • Is my loved one going to be safe when I am no longer there?
  • Is my loved one going to be loved when I am gone?
  • Will my loved one have the support that they need? 

For a long time my family was too scared to even think about questions like these, and we kept putting them off, and putting them off until we reached a crisis point and we were faced with trying and answering them. 

In the middle of a crisis is the absolute wrong time to try and figure out what would be best for the future, but it forced us to face the facts. We had to build a sustainable plan with my sister, so she could have a good life moving forward.

Why were we procrastinating on this future planning?

Well, there was the fear and anxiousness as mentioned. But, we were also busy working through the day-to-day challenges;

  • Managing supports
  • Finding opportunities for contribution
  • Managing relationships
  • Creating a meaningful day
  • Advocating for supports and inclusion

As families, we try to take it all on ourselves, often as one family member, and it is a lonely experience.

On top of all of this, we are lined up for social assistance waitlists and it feels like the help is never coming. With a never-ending supply of challenges to overcome, and little support in sight it is no wonder we are left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and anxious.

What solutions are there for families that are looking for answers?

'The 6 C's Of Life Building' Online Course

The promise of The 6 C's of Life Building online course is to guide your family to create a future plan that creates more independence for your loved one with a disability, and peace of mind for your family about the future.  The course guides you through building your roadmap forward, and a step-by-step plan to make the future you desire a reality. It also teaches you world-class tools and strategies to implement the best life imaginable for your loved one, and your family.


So what you are going to get from this course is a plan for your family's future and the know-how to make your plan a reality. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you enroll, you will receive instant access! All the details will be sent to your email, and a video will guide you through the simple steps to start your learning to create your customized plan. The course is delivered to you 1 module at a time over 6-weeks. Each module will take approximately 2-hours to complete, and the content is broken down into small consumable bite-sized chunks that can be completed in as little as 15-minutes at a time. The course is delivered to you over 6-weeks, but don't worry if it takes you longer to complete - I'm giving you lifetime access!

Build your plan for the present, and the future that will create more independence for your loved one, and the peace of mind that your family desires.

Build Your Roadmap

​Learn what you need to know to create the best life for your loved one, and build the plan that will be the pathway forward for your loved one, and your family.

Step By Step Guide

Along with building your plan for the future, you will learn the actionable steps that you can take to make your plan a reality.

World Class Tools & Strategies

This course teaches you the tools and strategies that are used by world-class leaders that are helping people with disabilities create amazing ordinary lives.

Customized To Your Loved One

Every person is unique. We all have different abilities and needs. This course guides you through creating a plan that is customized for your loved one.

Here’s what families are saying about the course

Families that have taken this course are raving fans, giving it a 9.6 / 10 net promoter score rating! This means there is a 96% chance they will recommend this course to their friends.

Carol Anne C.


Guides you to envision and plan a good life for your loved one.

This course will help you envision the future for your loved one, AND for yourself and your family... you will define and expand your vision of a good life for everyone involved, no matter what age and stage that you are at. You will plan the steps, one by one, that you need to take in that direction to ultimately reach your vision! An invaluable resource!

Carrie Ahrens


Build your roadmap with steps.

There is a roadmap, with step by step instructions to not only vision what could be a fabulous life for our kids but also ideas on how to get more people into their lives which is so crucial to having anything we get going actually be sustainable.

Laurie Frandsen


Put your ideas and dreams into action.

This course gives you a way of putting into action all the ideas and dreams you have for your family member. Eric helps you to slow down and focus on what's important.

What you get inside your course:

The course is delivered to you one module per week, in bite sized chunks that you can work through at your own pace - whenever it is convenient for you! This means at 1 AM on the couch in your pajamas OR in the waiting room at the doctor's office OR on your lunch break at work! Here is what you get each week:

Week 1: Crafting a Vision

Without direction, we are lost! In this module, you will learn the importance of having direction, or a vision, toward the future you desire. Your vision is the foundational plan, or roadmap, that is going to guide your loved one and your family forward. Your fresh new vision will give purpose to your loved one’s life, your family clarity and relief from the fear and anxiety of the future.

Week 2: Connection

Human connection is the most significant contributor to our happiness and health. Developing and managing relationships and connection can be challenging for people who have a disability. Relationships enhance our lives, provide us with many of our opportunities, and they keep us safe. This module teaches you how to enrich your loved one's life and build future security with relationships. You will learn key concepts including; building a personal support network (aka. a circle of support), how to invite people in, and succession planning.

Week 3: Contribution

Society values us by how we contribute back to the community. This is why building positive roles is essential - so that society values us, and in turn, we feel valued and a sense of purpose. Negative roles often define people with disabilities, and we have an opportunity to change that. This module teaches the theory of Social Role Valorization (SRV), and how to use SRV to enhance the current positive roles and build new positive roles for your loved one. This module focuses on helping you to create a life of meaning for your loved one and to help them feel more accepted in the common places in your community.

Week 4: Capability

We all want to support our loved one to be more independent. This module helps you to become aware of what is holding back your loved one's growth by understanding our co-dependencies and learned helplessness. You will learn how to help your loved one develop more self-reliance, gain greater interdependence, and get just the right level of support. What you learn in this module will help your loved one grow!

Week 5: Creating a Home

A safe place for our loved one to live is a top priority. The most common solution to creating a home for people with a disability is a group home or institutional living in many regions. These environments are oppressive and lack privacy and control for people. You want to do better for your loved one. This module will guide you to design the optimal home for your loved one and given the strategies to take the steps toward making it a reality.

Week 6: Cash Flow

Sitting on social assistance waitlist for funding and supports can keep us stuck. This module teaches you how to maximize the funding that you already have, and it teaches you how to access new funding streams.


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Bonus 1
The Family Field Guide

The Family Field Guide is a summary of all of the key insights you will learn inside the course. 

It will be your quick reference book once you complete the course, and you are implementing your plan.

Many families use the Family Field Guide as a tool to educate other family members on the 6 foundational principals and get everyone in the family on the same page.

Bonus 2
The 7th C

In the busyness of caring for our loved one, we often don't prioritize taking care for ourself.

By not taking care of ourself push ourselves toward the point of burnout, which is harmful to us and those we care for.

Compassion is about care for yourself as you care for your loved one. 

Care for yourself is crucial and in this bonus module you will learn the self care techniques that empower you to provide even better care for your loved one.

Bonus 3
60-minutes of private coaching/ facilitation

In the Upgraded Course, you will receive this powerful bonus that connects you with a professional coach/ facilitator for a 60-minute private session.

In this session, your coach/ facilitator will provide you with detailed feedback on your plan and help you get into implementation mode where the rubber meets the road.

Your private coaching/ facilitation session will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time once you have completed the majority of the course content.

About The Course Facilitator,
Eric Goll

Eric Goll is a family coach, independent facilitator, and brother to a sister with a developmental disability. His ‘soul’ purpose is to empower people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families to live happy, meaningful lives.

On a mission to help people who are devalued by society become valued contributing members, Eric works tirelessly every day to go beyond simply solving the problem of people with developmental disabilities being devalued by society.

His work is strategically designed to help those with IDDs build valued societal roles by becoming contributing family members, through gainful employment, and in getting a home of their own.

Eric has been deeply impacted by life with his sister Sarah, who has a developmental disability. Watching her become depressed with nothing to do as a young woman living in my parent’s basement, he set out to help create more for her.

This passion for helping people with disabilities create a good life, more independence, and a secure future is why I've built this course for you.

Here’s what people are saying about the course facilitator:


Initiated my internal power.

Eric initiated my internal power and showed me how I was successful in the past, and how can I be even more successful in the future.


Transformed my life.

Eric helped me in many ways to transform my life into something I find more enjoyable, purposeful and challenging.


Skillful strategies.

Eric's patient and positive guidance and skillful strategies were extremely helpful.

Save years of research and $2,500+ in service fees...

I know what it is like to have a loved one with an intellectual disability (and a physical disability) and feel ‘stuck’ - not knowing what to do or where to turn. I know what it is like to feel like there are no options - or options that aren’t good (often downright terrible).

In the search for answers, I spent years researching the methods to create a good life for my sister and my family, and I've been helping others implement these same methods. You can do this same research, but do you have the years of time to invest in searching for the answers?

You can also turn to a service agency to support you in creating your plan. These costs can run you $2,500 to $10,000 to create a person-centered plan for their loved one with a disability, and for coaching/ facilitation. $2,500 + simply isn't affordable for most families. 

This is why I've created this opportunity for you...

Essentails Package

6 C's Online Course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Downloadable Workbooks
  • 1 - Surprise Bonus
Premium Package

6 C's Online Course + All 3 Bonuses + Professional feedback on your plan + 4 Coaching Calls



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Downloadable Workbooks
  • Bonus #1: The Family Field Guide [$47 Value]
  • Bonus #2: Compassion Module [$47 Value]
  • Bonus #3: 60-Minute Private Coaching/ Facilitation Session [$197 Value]
  • Professional feedback on your plan
  • Reimbursable expense with social assistance funds in many regions.
  • +4  60-minute Coaching Calls [$797 value]

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Your enrollment comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will be pleased with the value you receive, or I will make it right.

I take supporting families seriously, and it is my life’s work.

If at any time you feel this course hasn’t fulfilled it’s promise let me know - and I’ll give you a complete refund.

If you aren’t satisfied I wouldn’t feel right in keeping your money - so I make it easy to get a refund. Just email me and let me know you want a refund. Just to make it clear there are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove. You won't have to wait either; I will refund you within 48-hours.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Barbara Maj


I feel less fear now.

It is a MUST for every family, who cares for a person with intellectual/ developmental disability. Eric empowers us caregivers by helping with creating a vision, a plan and very powerful tools. I have less fear now because I got info to direct me to all the resources that I can access to help my daughter prosper.

Carrie Ahrens


Well worth the investment.

Eric's delivery and the content is first class. The experience and tools you acquire are well worth the investment in time and money. I feel like there is a path to getting to a place where we have a plan to try on and build up for both our son and daughter.

Dianne Eby


Extremely helpful in keeping us accountable and moving forward.

This course is an excellent tool to get our family and support group started on the journey of planning for the future of our loved one with a disability. The informative sessions are extremely helpful in keeping us accountable and moving forward. 

I feel that we are now ready to start implementing and moving ahead with a plan for our loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reimburse the course with social assistance funds?

Can I reimburse the course with Passport funds? (Ontario, Canada only)

What are the benefits I will get? 

I am not very tech savvy - How will the technology work?

What is in the downloadable workbooks? 

Will the content apply to our situation? 

The Fine Print Gotcha's

First, you have to be willing to roll-up your sleeves and do the work to create the best possible life for your loved one. I will empower you with the knowledge and mindsets you need, and guide you in creating your best for the individual plan - but this has to be a family-led initiative for it to work.

Second, it might push your comfort zone. I’m going to share with you mindsets, ideas, and insights that might be different than you have been 'told' to believe. I do this with love and respect to help you unlock the possibilities for your loved one and your family. You will be encouraged to consider new perspectives - to learn - and to create the best life possible for your loved one.

Third, yes, there is a cost of admission, and I realize that for many families funding dollars are already tight. However, my goal is to deliver 10x the value that you are paying. You are going to learn how to maximize the funds you have to get more out of them, and you are going to learn how to open up new funding sources that you might not have known to exist! (Additionally, if you purchase the Upgraded Package OR Premium Package the cost is reimbursable in many jurisdictions. However, if you plan to expense your purchase, it is recommended that you first verify with your social assistance administrator).

So here’s the question… are you willing to roll up your sleeves and go on this journey with me to create the change your family wants and deserves?

You’re just one enrollment click away from transforming the life of your loved one and creating a secure future for your family.

Essentails Package

6 C's Online Course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Downloadable Workbooks
  • 1 - Surprise Bonus
Premium Package

6 C's Online Course + All 3 Bonuses + Professional feedback on your plan + 4 Coaching Calls



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • Downloadable Workbooks
  • Bonus #1: The Family Field Guide [$47 Value]
  • Bonus #2: Compassion Module [$47 Value]
  • Bonus #3: 60-Minute Private Coaching/ Facilitation Session [$197 Value]
  • Professional feedback on your plan
  • Reimbursable expense with social assistance funds in many regions.
  • +4  60-minute Coaching Calls [$797 value]

My Soul Purpose

I am dedicated to helping families find their path forward and to creating equal opportunities for people with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.

I've put absolutely everything that I have into this offering to support your family.

I'm incredibly proud of how this course has helped many families. I hope that you will enroll and join the many other families that have created more independence for their loved one, and a secure future for their family.

Need Help Ordering or Have  Questions?

If you need help ordering, or if you have any questions please email me at: [email protected]

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